Most people know of Roy K. Williams as the founding partner of the Williams and Jensen law firm

Most people know of Roy K. Williams as the founding partner of the Williams and Jensen law firm

INFO LAWYRES - However, very few people know about the early history of the law firm he helped create.

Both legal firms merged in 1895 and created the Williams firm.

Throughout the 20th century, Williams grew to become one of the largest law firms in the United States.

Williams was founded by two separate but related law firms- Percy H.


Over time, Williams expanded their services to include corporate formation, securities regulation and investment banking among others.

They also became well-known for winning high-profile cases against major corporations like Disney and Coca-Cola.

In addition, some of their most notable past clients include Boeing and General Electric among others.

Ultimately, due to their reputation for success in complex commercial litigation cases, many attorneys seek out representation from the Williams firm whenever possible.

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While many associate with high profile clients like Boeing or Google, Williams has a long history representing aviation pioneers like Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes Jr.'s companies in bankruptcy proceedings.

They also represent energy companies who produce or deal with natural gas or petroleum products such as Encanto Energy LLC and Edwards Energy Group LLC among others.

In addition to major corporations, they have also represented public agencies such as Salt Lake City's Unified Fire District No.

15 (now replaced by Salt Lake City's Volunteer Fire Department) as well as numerous state agencies such as those for health care coverage under 65 age groups or workers' compensation cases involving state employees on state payrolls inside state capital buildings or government facilities within a 50 mile radius of Salt Lake City's Vivakis Building (now replaced by Salt Lake City's Vivakis Medical Center).

For generations, many celebrities have turned to Williams when seeking legal representation for various matters related to business or personal life- including aviation industry controversies involving Howard Hughes Jr.'s TWA airline or Amelia Earhart's attempt at solo flight around the world or Walt Disney's business dealings with his loyal associates through his own legal team regarding his now well-publicized divorce proceedings with then wife Lillian Disney primarily over an alleged $50 million debt incurred during her attempt at plastic surgery (now alleged by said wife while incarcerated after being arrested on said charge by said husband whose agents she admittedly hired while said husband was himself trying to get

The history of Orangeburg is closely linked to the history of law in South Carolina.

The city was founded in 1720 and named after a Dutch monarch.

In the late 1700s, George and David Williams opened their law office in Orangeburg, and they still operate there today.

The name Williams is still used by the firm today.

They are known for their outstanding service to the people of Orangehurk as well as their many legal victories.

Originally named Orangeburg's first law office, the George and David Williams opened their office in the late 1700s.

They were both from wealthy families, but chose to become lawyers out of financial necessity.

They were both elected to be members of the state senate at different points in their career.

Their push for legislation to benefit the poor earned them praise from both sides of the political aisle.

Over time, this led to them gaining more and more business from low-income families.

Since they were wealthy, they had no problem taking on this type of work without pay.

Over time, they created a model that has helped countless families gain access to legal services.

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The Williams brothers also gained a reputation as local politicians who could push through legislation for the good of their district.

They were so well-regarded that when a fire destroyed Columbia's legislative building years later, the state government temporarily stayed in Orangeburg instead.

George Williams was a local politician who used his position to create legal services for free to mostly indigent clients.

Although he never became a judge, he did get the state legislature to pass a law allowing him to do so- making him one of the first attorneys in South Carolina.

He did this by giving up his own time to create these services for free and earn a commission on subsequent sales.

Over time, this led to him being able to set himself up with a bank account and business license so he could open a law firm on his own terms.


They are known for their outstanding service to the people of Orangehurk as well as their many legal victories.

Their history is one of low socioeconomic status but great determination; they are now one of Orangeburg's most prominent economic institutions with well over 100 employees.

They are one of three major law firms in Orangeburg along with Gubler

The legacy of George and David Williams lives on through their current firm- Williams

Aside from its exceptional clientele base, the law firm's branches are also highly regarded.

Each branch has its own unique name such as 'Williams Country,' 'Williams's Crossing' and 'Williamsville.' These names refer to each branch's geographic location within the state rather than homage to a family member.

In addition, each branch's logo features an eagle with its wings spread out, suggesting that all six branches work together as one team.

This association is important because it demonstrates that no matter where their clients come from, Williams and Williams will make sure they get what they deserve.


Initially, he opened his office on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh.

Over time, the office moved to a larger building on Fayetteville Street, which is now known as 'The Old North State Building.' The law firm has since expanded to become one of the largest law offices in North Carolina.

Today, the law firm remains one of the oldest firms in Raleigh with over 100 years of history.

Not only does the Williams name live on through this renowned legal team, but so does their successful practice model.

The team at Williams and Williams focuses on providing individualized representation to its clients.

They have proven themselves time and time again as a top choice for attorneys in North Carolina.

Clients come to the office from all over the state- including rural areas- seeking legal help with their issues.

Various government agencies contact the office with issues that need to be resolved by lawyers familiar with their jurisdiction.

Even after opening their doors, Daniel Williams continued his practice of helping freedmen register to vote in North Carolina during the Jim Crow era.

His role as a lawyer for African Americans at a time when many wouldn't represent them is what earned him national attention.

In addition, this demonstrated firm diversity has helped secure Williams and Williams an incredibly large clientele base.

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Although Daniel Williams founded the current name for his law firm, he was not its first lawyer.

In fact, Thomas Ruffin was the original 'William' when he founded his office in 1789.

No other law firm has lasted through more decades than Williams and Williams- from Daniel's first day to today's success stories.

Not only does the team at Williams and Willliams work hard for their clients, but they are passionate about what they do and want to help everyone succeed.

To learn more about how this historic legal team can help you with your legal needs, visit www-l/williams or call (919) 986-0066 today!


The firm is known for its success as an attorney and a counselor to people throughout the state.

The law firm is headquartered in downtown Raleigh and has six branches throughout the state.

As a leading law firm, Williams and Williams plays an essential role in North Carolina.

The law firm of Williams

Anyone in need of legal services can benefit from hiring a lawyer from the team at Williams

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